Cooler Master MH751 Headphone Review

Published on 11/6/2018 8:00:00 AM by J K

Cooler Master Audio

Cooler Master MH751 profile shot

With the current RGB craze it’s easy to forget not every peripheral needs RGB flair. Cooler Master has taken a different approach with the MH751 and decided to put all the focus on comfort, quality, minimalist yet sleek design and versatility. The MH751 offers premium comfort thanks to its lightweight frame and high-density foam headband and ear cushion. This headset is extremely versatile and can be used on the PC, console or portable music player due to its 3.5mm jack. The MH751 is also very portable thanks to its fold-flat design and detachable boom mic. Not only does the MH751 look outstanding, but it also promises to provide great sound quality with its 40mm neodymium magnet driver. Even with all these features, the MH751 comes in at an affordable MSRP of $79.99.

About Cooler Master

Back in 1992, when the internet was in its early stages and CPU’s were measured in MHz rather than GHz, a company called ORYX was born. ORYX later became Cooler Master, which we know the company as today. Started by a rogue product manager who had no funding and no support except a single administrative secretary, he set out to create, innovate and improve products for the PC industry. Starting with its first product, a Socket 7 CPU heat sink in 1993, their product line has since grown to Cases, Peripherals, Fans, and much more. Over the past 25+ years they brought many advancements and firsts to the PC industry (such as the first all copper heat sink) and today, they continue to innovate by bringing new and exciting products to market.

Notable Features:

  • Light weight frame
  • Foldable design
  • 40mm neodymium magnet drivers
  • Minimalistic sleek design

Technical Specifications:

Product Number MH-751
Driver Diameter 40mm
Frequency Response 20 – 20,000 Hz
Impedance 26Ω
Sensitivity (@1kHz) 97dB ± 3 dB
Input Maximum 40mW
Cable Length 1.5m 3.5mm connector
0.3m 3.5m to dual 3.5mm cable
Connector 3.5mm 4-pole jack
Headband Material Steel and plastic headband, PU leather and foam cushion
Ear Cushion Material PU Leather and foam cushion
Pick-up Pattern Omni-directional
Frequency Response 100 – 10,000 Hz
Sensitivity (@ 1kHz) -42 dB ± 3dB
Signal to Noise Ratio 55dB
Microphone Type Detachable flexible microphone
Dimensions (mm/inch) (L X W X H) 149 * 85 * 215 mm / 5.87 * 3.35 * 8.46 inches
Weight 280g / 0.62 lbs
Weight (without Cable) 250g / 0.55 lbs
Warranty 2 years

Like many Cooler Master peripherals, the MH751 comes in a stylish black box accented with purple. On the front of the box is the MH751 sporting its detachable boom mic and on the right-hand side are some of the its notable features.

Cooler Master MH751 packaging front

Flipping over to the back of the box, you have another view of the headset with points outlining all of its features. At the bottom of the box, there’s a list of main features in 10 different languages.

Cooler Master MH751 packaging back

Removing the outer box of the MH751, you’re presented with a sleek black cardboard box with purple accents. It has an extremely premium feel and it’s nice that Cooler Master goes the extra mile with its packaging.

Cooler Master MH751 inner box profile shot

On the top of the box is a purple foiled outline of the Cooler Master logo that shines when the light hits it.

Cooler Master MH751 inner box top shot

The interior of the box is almost entirely purple with the exception of the slogan “Make Your Gaming Experience” on the inside of the top lid. Inside includes the MH751/MH752 instruction booklet as well as a thin piece of foam covering the headset.

Cooler Master MH751 inner box contents

After removing the foam from the top, you can now see the headset and boom mic which is encased in a precisely cut foam insert.

Cooler Master MH751 headset in foam

Also included is a smaller black box with a purple Cooler Master logo outline.

Cooler Master MH751 with accessory box

Opening the smaller box reveals a black velvet bag to store the MH751 in as well a set of cables.

Cooler Master MH751 accessory cables

As you take the MH751 out of the packaging, the first thing we noticed is how remarkably light they were. I personally like a lighter headset as it’s usually more comfortable to wear, especially for those long gaming sessions. The headband is covered in faux leather type material with plush cushioning underneath. On each ear cup, you have an outline of the Cooler Master logo in silver. I really like this subtle branding that Cooler Master uses on their peripherals. It looks nice and can mix in with other gear quite easily.

Another thing to note is the absence of RGB on the headset as Cooler Master decided to keep a minimalistic sleek design over the in your face rainbows we are all too familiar with. For us, this design really works and makes this headset all that more portable. Whether you’re gaming, at the office or just going for a walk, this could be your headset for all occasions.

Cooler Master MH751 profile without mic

Each ear cup can rotate 90 degrees which allows the headset to lay flat on the cups. This is quite nice as it makes it easy for you to transport them in a bag or just neatly lay on your desk in between gaming sessions.

Cooler Master MH721 rotating cups

Cooler Master MH751 laying flat

The headband itself is adjustable on both sides making the MH751 fit both smaller and larger heads but still retain that comfort.

Cooler Master MH751 adjustable headband

On the left ear, you have two 3.5mm inputs with the circular one for the audio cable and the other one rectangular shaped for the detachable mic.

Cooler Master MH751 audio inputs

The ear cup has the same material as the head band with high density foam underneath. The size of the cup is quite large and had no problem fitting over the ear. This is a big plus as we find headsets with a cup that sits on the ear starts to hurt for sessions that last longer than 2 hours. Inside the cup, you have some mesh fabric with padding that feels soft to the touch.

Cooler Master MH751 ear cup padding

All the cables included with the MH751 are braided, which add a premium feel to the headset.

Cooler Master MH751 braided audio wire

On the 3.5mm main audio cable, you have both volume control and the ability to quickly mute the mic. The unit itself is quite small and light and shouldn’t get in the way or weigh down the headset.

Cooler Master MH751 audio interface

Included is an audio splitter so you can plug in the mic and audio into your PCs front I/O. The connector on this splitter as well as the audio cable seem to be gold plated which should help them last a long time as it’s corrosion-resistant.

Cooler Master MH751 audio splitter

The detachable mic has a flexible rubberized wire that holds it shape when moved and like all the other connectors, it is also gold plated.

Cooler Master MH751 microphone

When testing the MH751, we wanted to focus on 3 primary uses for a headset: movies, music, and gaming. Each of these areas will highlight different strengths or weaknesses and will give us an all-around feel for the MH751. During each of the testing sessions, we made sure to use them for at least an hour with gaming being the longest at 3 hours.

At no point during our tests did I feel the discomfort of any sort. The headset was extremely comfortable and even during our long gaming session, we felt you could have worn them for another 3 hours with the same outcome. The ear cups sat beautifully over my ears and the headband kept them tight enough not to slip off during use.

For gaming, a headset is a must when playing tactical shooters and this headset did not disappoint. For our test we played PUBG and CS: GO and the MH751 performed extremely well in both. During my matches, I have no issues locating my opponents with the directional sound cues and the overall sound was superb. Since my keyboard doesn’t have dedicated media keys it was nice to quickly change the volume right on the headset while in the middle of a match. When playing with a squad, the included mic worked great and none of my teammates had issues hearing me. When asked about the quality of my communication, other players responded that my voice sounded great and was crystal clear.

While I’m personally not an audiophile, I did think music sounded great with this headset. The MH751 has a nice range for both low and high-frequency sounds and at no point did the songs sound dull or soft. In the wide variety of songs, I tested the MH751 with Beethoven to Silverchair’s Israel’s Son. All songs sounded amazing and had great bass which other headsets can lack. These results were mirrored when watching Star Wars: Rogue One on my PC. All the dialog was clear and the MH751 really shined in the action scenes.

With all these tests, there isn’t a single complaint about this headset. It sounds great and its comfort was exceptional. The fact that these headsets can be used on the PC or on a mobile device on a bus makes them quite versatile. There really isn’t anything else you can ask for in a headset in the sub $100 price range.

Cooler Master MH751 with microphone

Cooler Masyer MH751 profile shot with microphone

In the madness of RGB everything, it’s nice to see a product that took a break from RGB and focused on function and design. What the MH751 lacks in RGB goodness is 100% made up for in its comfort and looks. With its lightweight frame and high-density foam, the MH751 is extremely comfortable to wear even after 3+ hour gaming sessions. Not only does the MH751 feel great, but it also excelled in all our tests with its crystal-clear sound and great bass. One of the key features I like is that Cooler Master made the MH751 usable across multiple platforms with the universal 3.5mm jack and thanks to its folding design can be easily transported. Because of this, MH751 can really be your one headset for every occasion whether it be gaming at home or listening to music on the bus. The MH751 exceeded all my expectations and will definitely be my new headset for at home and work.

Great job Cooler Master!